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Press on

In Jesus’ name we will press on

  Are you finding it hard to keep running your race? Does the finish line seem too far away? Are you comparing your race with another? Are you weary, and not sure how to persevere?   Scripture to prayerfully think about … [Read More...]

Holiness. Blessed are those pure in heart

On the road to holiness we will find happiness

Welcome to our journey looking at the Beatitudes, I hope you are enjoying the reflections. For the sixth post in the series we look at holiness. So far we have looked at – Realising our need for God– Matt 5:3 Those in mourning will be … [Read More...]

geting through the hard days - you encouraged me with strength in my soul

Encouragement for the hard days

My friend   Hold on, there is hope. You are not alone. Reach out to your strength and song. Listen to Him calling to you - 'Come to Me.' Run into His arms Wait for the Comforter. Receive His love. Take heart, for your Saviour has … [Read More...]

Character of a follower of Jesus

What should our character be as a child of God?

Welcome to Praying through the Psalms, our journey through the Book of Psalms with a prayerful heart. Our last post looked at Psalm 14 – Does anyone seek God? Our focus for today's reflection is Psalm 15. For such a short Psalm of just 5 … [Read More...]

Blesssed are those who are merciful

Have you shown compassion today?

Today we continue our journey looking at the Beatitudes. So far we have looked at – Realising our need for God – Matt 5:3 Those in mourning will be comforted – Matt 5:4 Are you content with who you are? – Matt 5:5 Live to please God Matt … [Read More...]

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